Vehicle Preparation for Illinois Car Shipping

Auto shipping services have come to people’s rescue in so many ways over the years. It is worth mentioning how the industry has significantly evolved since the late 1800s – when Alexander Winton invented the first auto carrier truck.

However, it is sad to note that some people who have had to ship their vehicle(s) to or from Illinois have had terrible experiences using these services. By the way, this is not just about Illinois but everywhere else this service is engaged.

Choosing a highly professional auto transport company would be crucial to avoid terrible experiences as a customer. However, it takes more than just having a top Illinois vehicle shipping company move your car to or from Illinois. Overall, you have to prepare thoroughly for this service.

Thankfully, this article sheds light on this subject. So, ensure that you keep reading to find out more.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Illinois Car Shipping

There is quite a lot to do in terms of preparing your car to have a smooth auto-shipping experience. Some of what you need to do is discussed below:

Only Trust Reputable Companies

Anything that has to do with your vehicle is important and should be seen as such. To this end, the task of transporting your vehicle to or from Illinois is important and should reflect in your choice of company that would handle this task. Some helpful tips for choosing include:

  • Performing Thorough Research – Make the most of unbiased platforms such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau. Also, make sure to go through customer feedback on these platforms
  • Licensing – The company of choice has to be licensed to render its services to clients who need their cars shipped to or from Illinois
  • Insurance – Your vehicle has to be sufficiently insured while it is in the care of the shipping company. By the way, this should be non-negotiable, regardless of how cheap the shipping cost is
  • Quotes – Compare the service charges of multiple options to find out which offers the best deal; going by a cost-to-value ratio. You can compare quotes using this calculator here:

There are other yardsticks for choosing the best company for this task. However, the above listed should form your major selection yardsticks, considering how important they are.

Early Booking

Speaking of how some people had terrible experiences with auto transport companies, there are numerous tales. However, difficulty or inability to secure a booking for a particular date/period is high on the list.

There are even reports of how clients who were able to book had to pay way above the market price. More often than not, this is usually a result of late booking.

So, try as much as you can to book early enough. By the way, this is not an experience peculiar to this industry alone. The same applies to the aviation industry and several others as late booking usually means having to pay more for services, or even the inability to secure services.

Vehicle Preparation

The whole article is about general vehicle preparation. However, this point is specifically about having your vehicle in the right state and shape. Against this backdrop, here are a few recommendations:

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

This is also important. This is especially for the sake of finding out if any hidden issues need to be addressed. 

Maintenance Check

Try as much as you can to ensure that the vehicle is working as it should. You may want to check for flat tires, leaks, and the battery.

Documentation of Vehicle Condition

Photos of the state and shape of your vehicle should be taken before handing it over to the company. This helps in avoiding arguments between the client and the service provider when the vehicle is handed over.

Other necessary documents that serve as worthy proof of your vehicle’s conditions before being handed over to the company should be taken seriously. The bill of lading is one such.

Secure & Protect

Personal items should be taken out. This is to avoid damage, theft, and even higher charges. Furthermore, alarms should be disabled and the fuel level kept at the right level.

By the way, some people have no idea of how vehicle alarms can be turned off. You can click here for information on this.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Arrangements

Do not work with assumptions when dealing with these companies. For example, the drop-off and pick-up locations should be pointed out.

Inspection after Delivery

The delivery location depends on the kind of service that you subscribe to. For example, there is the option of having it delivered to your desired location, rather than the company’s terminal.

Regardless, the delivered vehicle should be thoroughly inspected after delivery. Take your time doing this as it is the best time to point out anything noticed, if any.


Choosing a reputable car shipping company is crucial for having a good service experience when shipping vehicles to and/or from Illinois. However, it is not all there is to ensure that you have a positive experience auto-shipping your vehicle. Fortunately, some of the others have been discussed here and should be taken seriously.

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