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Burglarize Zombie net worth is  $50 million, is a genuine force to be reckoned with in the domains of music and film. His excursion to fame started during the 1980s as the frontman and organizer behind the band White Zombie. With their coarse vocals and frightfulness imbued verses, collections like “La Sexorcisto: Demon Music Volume One” and “Astro-Creep: 2000” impelled them to multi-platinum achievement, cutting out a specialty in the metal scene.

After White Zombie disbanded in 1998, Burglarize Zombie wandered into a performance vocation, conveying hits like “Dragula” and “Living Dead Young lady.” His performance work is described by a one of a kind mix of weighty metal and modern music, sprinkled with references to blood and gore movies and mainstream society, procuring him a wildly faithful fanbase.

Be that as it may, Zombie’s innovative gifts don’t stop at music. During the 2000s, he made a consistent change into filmmaking, coordinating thrillers that reflect the dim, grotesque quintessence of his music. His first time at the helm, “Place of 1000 Bodies,” alongside its development, “Satan’s Oddballs,” quickly climbed to religion exemplary status, displaying his skill for creating spine-chilling stories.

Rob Zombie Early Life

Ransack Zombie’s foundations follow back to January 12, 1965, when he was brought into the world as Robert Bartleh Cummings in Haverhill, Massachusetts. His more youthful sibling, Michael David Cummings, would ultimately cut his own way in music as Bug One, fronting the stone gathering Powerman 5000. It’s entrancing the way that family ties can cross with creative undertakings.

Since early on, Ransack was enamored by the universe of blood and gore flicks and the showiness of entertainers like Alice Cooper. These early impacts made a permanent imprint on his imaginative mind, forming the particular mix of loathsomeness and music that would characterize his profession.

Subsequent to finishing secondary school, Loot dug into the domain of advanced education, going to classes at Parsons School of Plan. His time there wasn’t exclusively centered around scholastics, however; he likewise submerged himself in the music scene and, surprisingly, looking for a decent job as a creation partner on the notable Network program “Pee-small’s Playhouse.” It really is something else that different encounters can illuminate imaginative articulation.

Rob Zombie Education

In the wake of moving on from Haverhill Secondary School in 1983, Ransack Zombie put his focus on additional training, winding up at Parsons School of Plan in the clamoring city of New York City. It was there that destiny interceded, carrying him into the circle of Sean Yseult, who wouldn’t just turn into his bandmate yet in addition his sweetheart. It’s surprising how life’s exciting bends in the road can prompt startling experiences and enduring associations.

Rob Zombie Music Career


After a line of three EPs that neglected to make a big deal about a sprinkle with crowds or pundits, White Zombie assumed control over issues, delivering their presentation studio collection, “Soul-Smasher,” in 1987 under their own free record mark. In any case, it was only after their fourth expanded play record grabbed the eye of Geffen Records leaders that the band’s fortunes started to change.

Under Geffen’s standard, White Zombie released their third studio collection, “La Sexorcisto: Villain Music Volume One,” in 1992 — an achievement that undeniable their most memorable significant achievement. The collection soar to distinction, powered by the irresistible single “Thunder Kiss ’65,” driving them into the spotlight.

Their fourth and last studio collection, “Astro-Creep: 2000 – Tunes of Adoration, Obliteration and Other Manufactured Hallucinations of the Electric Head,” ended up being a relentless power in the business domain. With diagram beating singles like “More Human than Human,” the collection took off to #6 on the Bulletin 200, selling a stunning 2,000,000 duplicates in the US alone.

Other Projects


For some charming explanation, Burglarize Zombie has ended up making voice appearances in films helmed by James Gunn, dating as far as possible back to “Crawl” in 2006. It’s a pleasant minimal Hidden treat for fans to tune in out for his uncredited voice in motion pictures like “Super” and the “Watchmen of the World” series.

In any case, Zombie’s vocal abilities stretch out past the big screen. He’s loaned his voice to vivified activities like 2003’s “Insect Man: The New Enlivened Series” and “Equity Association,” as well as the 2016 series “Mr. Pickles.” It’s interesting the way in which his particular voice adds profundity to these characters, whether they’re legends or reprobates.

Source of Income

Deny Zombie’s essential types of revenue come from his multi-layered profession as a performer, movie chief, screenwriter, and film maker. Through his music, both as an independent craftsman and as the frontman of White Zombie, he has procured income from collection deals, streaming eminences, show visits, and product deals. As a producer, Zombie creates pay from film industry profit, DVD and Blu-beam deals, permitting arrangements, and streaming privileges for his motion pictures. Moreover, he might get pay from his voice acting jobs in films, energized series, and different activities. In addition, Zombie’s endeavors into comic book composing could likewise add to his general profit, albeit the monetary progress of these undertakings might shift. In general, Zombie’s different arrangement of imaginative tasks probably fills in as a powerful starting point for his total assets.

Important Points

  • Loot Zombie is a multi-skilled craftsman known for his work in music, film, and liveliness.
  • He acquired notoriety as the frontman of White Zombie prior to sending off an effective performance vocation.
  • Zombie’s music is portrayed by its mix of weighty metal, modern, and repulsiveness subjects.
  • As a movie producer, he’s coordinated religion works of art like “Place of 1000 Bodies” and “Satan’s Oddballs,” as well as a change of “Halloween.”
  • Zombie has given voice acting to vivified series and movies, incorporating joint efforts with James Gunn.
  • His total assets is assessed to be around $50 million, mirroring his prosperity and impact in media outlets.

FAQs about Rob Zombie

What is Rob Zombie’s net worth?

 Rob Zombie’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

What is Rob Zombie best known for?

 Rob Zombie is best known as a musician, film director, screenwriter, and film producer, particularly for his contributions to the heavy metal and horror genres.

What are some of Rob Zombie’s popular songs?

Some of Rob Zombie’s popular songs include “Dragula,” “Living Dead Girl,” and “Thunder Kiss ’65.”

Which films has Rob Zombie directed?

Rob Zombie has directed films such as “House of 1000 Corpses,” “The Devil’s Rejects,” and a remake of “Halloween.”

Has Rob Zombie worked on any animated projects?

Yes, Rob Zombie has provided voice acting for animated series such as “Spider-Man: The New Animated Series,” “Justice League,” and “Mr. Pickles.”

Last Words

Ransack Zombie’s profession is a demonstration of his flexibility and inventiveness across numerous mediums. From his weighty music with White Zombie to his effective performance vocation, and from his acclaimed movies to his voice acting jobs, Zombie has made a permanent imprint on the universes of music, film, and activity. With a total assets of $50 million and an army of given fans, Zombie keeps on charming crowds with his exceptional mix of ghastliness, weighty metal, and mainstream society references.

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