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Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Hosting: Perfect Solution for your Business in India


Businesses get a lot of competition due to evolving technology. The business domain in India is highly competitive. So, what can be a supportive factor to boost your business growth? For business growth, a good dedicated server hosting India is the best option and makes it easy to manage your business. If you think it is expensive and out of your range, then you need to read this article ASAP. We have inserted information about an affordable web hosting provider, Hostbillo, that can offer you cheap dedicated server hosting in India. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of single-tenant servers and check out the unique benefits.

Types of a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server in India comes in many forms. We have mentioned the three main categories of this hosting solution. Take a quick look at all three types.

1.    Managed

Managed dedicated servers are built on the support of the technical team. The technical team of the hosting providers ensures proper execution of routine operations like upgrades, installation, and monitoring. The entire load of running the server smoothly falls into the hands of the provider’s support team. What does this mean? Well, in simple terms, the user of a managed dedicated server doesn’t have to put any effort into getting the server up and running. This type of hosting is costly as it requires a separate, reliable team to handle the server. Let’s jump to the next type and see how it differs from this one.

2.    Unmanaged

The next major type of dedicated server in India is unmanaged hosting. This service goes by its name. This means that the user gets complete control of the server to ensure smooth management. The user can get the help of the support team to handle certain server issues; the user is responsible for the software, applications, and programs attached to the server. This hosting solution eliminates the need for a dedicated team, which also means that it has a lower price band as compared to the managed service. Unmanaged hosting is best for those users who have prior experience with servers and have some technical knowledge to understand the nitty gritty of the server.

3.    Enterprise

Whether you work for a large corporation or a massive government agency, an enterprise-dedicated server can meet your every need. It is different from a managed server in terms of control. Data secrecy and privacy are at the topmost level with an enterprise-dedicated server. With this unique hosting solution, you can expect to have a high degree of modification. 

How Can A Dedicated Server Help Your Business in India?

Dedicated server hosting India is known to push your business to the top. How is it done? Well, let’s understand the scenario with a proper example of a large-scale OTT platform. Now, this model type requires great video quality and large data storage. With a dedicated set of resources, the OTT platform can easily handle performance demands. The OTT business model is known to be highly competitive and demands the installation of the latest software. A dedicated server Indiaallows its users to modify the server configuration without any interruption. Moreover, India dedicated server hostingcan effortlessly take care of the data content with a secured server. We will talk in detail about each benefit offered by this fantastic hosting solution, but before that, let’s focus on different use cases.

5 Different Use Cases for Dedicated Server Hosting India

We have come up with five distinctive use cases for dedicated server hosting India. We want you to go through each of these points to get a deeper knowledge about these servers.

1.    Mobile applications

Mobile applications work with the latest designs and tools that require a large set of resources. With proper RAM and bandwidth, a dedicated server Indiaoffers the best combination of mobile applications.

2.    Gaming sessions

Heavy gaming sessions where multiple players are involved usually deploy premium single-tenant servers. These high-quality gaming sessions benefit greatly from the isolated server space of bare metal technology. Furthermore, gamers get an immersive experience in terms of smooth sessions powered by fast server speed.

3.    IT development

We all know about the advancements going on in the IT sector. Whether it is wearable technology or a cloud server innovation, dedicated hosting fits perfectly with an IT business model; it offers the needed privacy and resources. Moreover, remote work setup is easily accomplished by a single-tenant server in India.

4.    Government agencies

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “government agency”? A huge data set that is sensitive and important. A bare metal server completely suits the criteria of security and performance, which is why many government agencies rely on this service to handle the workload.

5.    Healthcare institutions

India is a populated country with massive amounts of data roaming inside the healthcare sector. Adedicated server hosting Indiacontributes deeply to the management of this huge dataset, which needs topmost security. Any healthcare institution can easily manage the transmission of this data with high-powered network connectivity of single-tenant servers. 

Benefits of Choosing A Dedicated Hosting India from Hostbillo

Hostbillo is one of the best web hosting providers in India that offers cheap dedicated server hosting in India. You need to take a thorough look at each benefit listed below for a better understanding.

1.    Secure Network:

This platform offers the best-in-class security for your data. Hostbillo packs anti-DDoS software and a strong firewall configuration with each hosting plan. This ensures zero interruption from external attackers and sealed pack isolation of user data.

2.    Ultra-Fast Server Speed:

The power-packed, resource-rich network of Hostbillo facilitates ultra-fast transmission speed. You can rest assured that your sensitive data will reach you on time. This performance helps businesses stand out in the market.

3.    Liberty to Modify:

Yes, with Hostbillo, you get the freedom to customize your server. Whether it is the latest software or an outdated program, you are free to make every decision. This platform offers deep root access, which is imperative to make changes at the server level.

4.    Affordable Pricing:

The most basic plan for Hostbillo’s India dedicated server hosting comes for INR 6001 per month. The plan offers 32 GB RAM and 500 GB SSD storage. You can upgrade your plan as well by purchasing the Billo D2, D3, D4, D5, and D6 plans.

5.    Better Technical Support:

You can enjoy 24/7 technical support with expert care for your server. Hostbillo allows better management through the support of technical experts, which is essential to handle any emergency. The support team for this platform is available on different channels to offer maximum reach.

6.    Dedicated IP Address:

Dedicated IP addresses are a great option to ensure better deliverability of data. Hostbillo offers this feature with each of its India dedicated server plans.


Gain access to great hosting solutions with Hostbillo’s exclusive services. The dedicated server hosting Indiafrom Hostbillo offers various benefits for the business, such as anti-DDoS software and robust firewall configurations. Moreover, the ultra-fast server speeds provided by Hostbillo’s resource-rich network facilitate seamless data transmission, empowering businesses to stay ahead in the market.

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