Danny DeVito Net Worth: A Legend in Film and Television

Danny DeVito Net Worth: A Legend in Film and Television

Danny DeVito is such a legend in media outlets. Net worth $80 million, he’s most certainly done something significant. You most likely recall him best from his notorious job as Louie De Palma on “Taxi”, isn’t that so? He completely killed it and, surprisingly, caught a Brilliant Globe and an Emmy for that part. In any case, that is only the start.

He’s been in such countless exemplary movies, keeping track is hard. “Toss Momma from the Train”, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Home”, “Affectionate nicknames”, “Romancing the Stone”, “Twins”, “Batman Returns”, “Get Shorty”, and “L.A. Classified” are only a small bunch of the pearls he’s been a piece of.

What’s more, we should not forget about “It’s Consistently Bright In Philadelphia”. His personality, Straight to the point Reynolds, is a flat out revolt. DeVito brings this ideal blend of idiocy and appeal to the show that is made him a fan #1. It’s astounding the way that he’s figured out how to remain significant and silly after such a long time. Really a Hollywood symbol.

Who is Danny DeVito?


Danny DeVito is one of those uncommon jewels in Hollywood who is by all accounts ready to do everything. He’s not only an entertainer; he’s a multi-layered ability, fiddling with satire, coordinating, and creating. What’s more, you will scarcely believe, he’s darn great by any means of it.

Most importantly, we should discuss his acting chops. DeVito has this particular character that simply illuminates the screen. Whether he’s playing an adorable numskull or a scheming reprobate, he carries this unquestionable charm to each job. Well, contemplate his depiction of Louie De Palma on “Taxi”. He transformed that person into an outright symbol, winning himself a Brilliant Globe and an Emmy simultaneously.

Be that as it may, DeVito’s not only a tired old act. He has range, as well. Take a gander at his filmography, and you’ll understand. From “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Home” to “Batman Returns”, he’s handled a wide assortment of jobs, every one with its own extraordinary style. Furthermore, we should not disregard his comedic virtuoso. Motion pictures like “Toss Momma from the Train” and “Twins” demonstrate that he has faultless timing and an inborn skill for making individuals snicker.

Danny DeVito Early Life

Daniel Michael DeVito Jr. came into this world on November 17, 1944, in Neptune Municipality, New Jersey. He’s a Jersey kid completely. Presently, here’s something you probably won’t be familiar with him: he has an uncommon hereditary issue called numerous epiphyseal dysplasia, otherwise called Fairbank’s illness. This condition meddles with bone development, which is the reason Danny is on the more limited side – remaining at only 4 feet, 10 inches tall. However, brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you, that hasn’t prevented him from arriving at extraordinary levels in Hollywood.

He experienced childhood in Asbury Park, New Jersey, with his two more established sisters. Family is a big deal to him, and he’s forever been near his kin. What’s more, in the same way as other Italian-American families, the DeVitos were Catholic. That childhood appears to have stayed with him; you can see traces of it in a portion of his jobs and in his overall disposition. Danny has that exemplary Jersey enchant blended in with a hint of Catholic responsibility, and it’s important for what makes him so charming.

Danny DeVito Age


Danny DeVito is 79 years of age now. He was brought into the world on November 17, 1944, in Neptune Municipality, New Jersey. His excursion in media outlets has been a remarkable ride, traversing many years loaded up with critical jobs that lastingly affect crowds around the world.

From his initial days on “Taxi” to his notorious film jobs in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Home”, “Batman Returns”, and “Twins”, DeVito has displayed his ability in different types. He’s one of those entertainers who can make you giggle one moment and afterward make you extremely upset the following.

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Danny DeVito Personal Life


Danny DeVito’s level, 4-foot-10, is because of Fairbank’s infection, an interesting hereditary condition that influences bone development. It’s something he’s managed for what seems like forever, however it’s never prevented him from standing tall in Hollywood.

Presently, we should discuss his adoration life. Danny met entertainer Rhea Perlman back on January 17, 1971, while they were both acting in the play “The Contracting Lady of the hour”. Discuss destiny, isn’t that so? After fourteen days, they were at that point shacking up together. They burned through no time. Quick forward to January 28, 1982, they made it official and sealed the deal. They have three children together, and despite the fact that they’ve had their high points and low points, they’ve figured out how to remain together through various challenges.

Their relationship has experienced a few difficult situations. They isolated following 30 years of marriage in October 2012, however at that point they shocked everybody by accommodating in Walk 2013. Then, they isolated again in Walk 2017, however this time they’ve selected not to go for the huge D – they’re remaining wedded yet living separated. It’s an extraordinary plan, yet it appears to work for them.

Danny DeVito Education

Danny DeVito’s way to progress was everything except conventional. He began at Rhetoric Private academy, where he likely never envisioned he’d turn into the Hollywood symbol we know today. Yet, life has an interesting approach to astounding you.

After school, he had somewhat of a curve second. He was good to go to plunge into the universe of cosmetology, however at that point he had a shift in perspective. All things considered, he chose to seek after acting. Furthermore, thank heavens he did!

His process truly got going when he enlisted at the American Foundation of Sensational Expressions. That is where he sharpened his specialty, finding a genuine energy for execution that would characterize his whole profession. It was the beginning of something important, making way for every one of the astonishing jobs he’d proceed to play.

Danny DeVito Acting Career


Danny DeVito’s excursion from the theater to the big screen is something to really remember. Everything began with the 1975 film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Home”. In any case, here’s the kicker – he really featured in an off-Broadway creation of the clever way back in 1971. That gig turned out to be his brilliant pass to Hollywood. The film rendition was a raving success, clearing the five significant Foundation Grants in 1976. Best Picture, Best Entertainer, Best Entertainer, Best Chief, and Best Screenplay – they got them all. Furthermore, Danny? All things considered, he was unexpectedly a commonly recognized name.

Then came “Taxi”, the Program that really cemented DeVito’s place in Hollywood history. From 1978 to 1983, he played the remarkable Louie De Palma, the irritable however quite engaging taxi dispatcher. The job won him a Brilliant Globe and an Emmy in 1981. Discuss stirring things up around town.

Later “Taxi” wrapped up, Danny bounced right once again into the film game. “Nicknames”, “Romancing the Stone”, “Heartless Individuals”, “Twins” with Arnold Schwarzenegger – the hits just continued to come. Furthermore, we should not fail to remember his stretch as the Penguin in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” – famous doesn’t actually start to cover it.

Quick forward to 2006, and Danny ended up back on the little screen with “It’s Generally Bright in Philadelphia”. His personality, Plain Reynolds, is an outright mob, and the show has turned into a clique number one.

All through his profession, DeVito’s been known essentially for his parody chops. In any case, don’t rest on his emotional jobs – the person has range. “The Rainmaker”, “L.A. Classified”, “The Huge Kahuna” – he’s nailed it like clockwork. What’s more, we should not fail to remember his voiceover work. From “Hercules” to “The Lorax”, he’s loaned his voice to a few genuinely notorious characters.

What film put Danny DeVito on the map?

Danny DeVito’s huge break accompanied his job as Louie DePalma in the television series “Taxi”. Louie was this sarcastic, awesome person, and DeVito totally nailed it. His presentation wasn’t simply great; it was out and out incredible. “Taxi” wasn’t simply a hit show; it was the sling that sent off DeVito into fame. Out of nowhere, everybody knew what his identity was, and Hollywood was set out honorary pathway for him.

Creation Adventures and Coordinating

Danny DeVito didn’t simply adhere to acting; he additionally took a stab at coordinating, and he’s darn great at it. He made his first time at the helm in 1984 with “The Appraisals Game”, and from that point, he just continued to go.

He’s guided a few genuine jewels, similar to “Toss Momma from the Train”, “The Conflict of the Roses”, “Hoffa”, “Passing to Smoochy”, and “Duplex”. Furthermore, he has a lot of short movies added to his repertoire as well, flaunting his flexibility behind the camera.

In 1991, he collaborated with Michael Shamberg to establish Jersey Movies, and later Stacey Sher went along with them. That organization has created a few genuinely incredible movies, including “Man on the Moon”, “Raw Fiction”, “Nursery State”, and “Opportunity Scholars”. They even plunged their toes into TV with “Reno 911!”.

Yet, that is not all. DeVito has a talent for creating as well. Keep in mind “Matilda”? He co-delivered it as well as coordinated and featured in it. Furthermore, we should not disregard “Erin Brockovich” – another Jersey Movies creation that procured them a designation for an Institute Grant for Best Picture. The person’s a triple danger – acting, coordinating, creating – and so on, he’s done it, and done it effectively.


  • Early Life: Danny DeVito was born on November 17, 1944, in Neptune Township, New Jersey.
  • Health Condition: He has multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, also known as Fairbank’s disease, which affects bone growth, resulting in his height of 4 feet, 10 inches.
  • Education: DeVito attended Oratory Preparatory School and later enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he discovered his passion for acting.
  • Marriage: He met actress Rhea Perlman in 1971, and they got married on January 28, 1982. Despite some ups and downs, they’ve been together for decades.
  • Career: DeVito’s breakthrough came with his role as Louie DePalma in the TV series “Taxi” (1978-1983), which earned him a Golden Globe and an Emmy.
  • Directorial Debut: In 1984, DeVito made his directorial debut with “The Ratings Game”.
  • Production Company: He co-founded Jersey Films in 1991 with Michael Shamberg and later Stacey Sher, producing acclaimed films like “Pulp Fiction” and “Erin Brockovich”.
  • Filmography: DeVito has appeared in numerous hit films, including “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Batman Returns”, and “Matilda”.


How tall is Danny DeVito?

Danny DeVito is 4 feet, 10 inches tall. His height is due to a rare genetic disorder called multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (Fairbank’s disease), which affects bone growth.

When and where was Danny DeVito born?

Danny DeVito was born on November 17, 1944, in Neptune Township, New Jersey.

Is Danny DeVito married?

Yes, DeVito was married to actress Rhea Perlman. They got married on January 28, 1982. However, they separated multiple times, most notably in 2012 and 2017, though they reconciled after each separation.

How many children does Danny DeVito have?

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman have three children together: Lucy, Grace, and Jacob.

What are some of Danny DeVito’s most famous roles?

DeVito is known for his roles in films such as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Batman Returns”, “Matilda”, and “Twins”. He also gained fame for his role as Louie DePalma in the TV series “Taxi” and as Frank Reynolds in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.


Danny DeVito is a remarkable figure in the entertainment industry. From his humble beginnings in Neptune Township, New Jersey, to his rise as a Hollywood icon, DeVito’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

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